KFMG Podcast S05 Episode 64: Bruce Lee at 80 – Legacy of the Dragon

Posted in Podcasts by - November 23, 2020
KFMG Podcast S05 Episode 64: Bruce Lee at 80 – Legacy of the Dragon

“You know what I want to think of myself? As a human being. Because, I mean, I don’t want to be like ‘as Confucius say’, but under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family. It just so happens that people are different.” Bruce Lee

On 27 November 2020, the martial arts superstar and pop culture icon Bruce Lee would have celebrated his 80th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, we have put together a bonus podcast featuring a range of voices from across our five seasons, exploring the legacy of the ‘Little Dragon’ and the impact he continues to have in society, media, and the world of martial arts.

Bruce Lee was only 32 when he died in 1973, but in the 47 years since his death, his star has not waned – in fact, judging by the range of new TV shows, books, documentaries, and films inspired by his life, Bruce Lee’s fame is more prevalent than ever. On this compilation show, you will hear from his daughter, Shannon Lee, on why she thinks her father’s legacy continues to inspire and influence people from all over the world. You will hear from his good friend and co-star, Bob Wall, and his goddaughter, Diana Lee Inosanto, on Bruce Lee’s impact on the fighting arts and, in particular, his role in the development of today’s hugely popular sport of mixed martial arts. You will also hear from action stars including Scott Adkins, Loren Avedon, Jean-Paul Ly and Jerry Trimble who explain the impact Lee has had on their lives and their film careers.

This episode features the song ‘Theme from Enter the Dragon (Main title)’ composed by Lalo Schifrin, copyright 1973 Warner Music Inc., available to buy now via Warner Music Group. This episode also includes a clip from ‘Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview’, recorded 9 December 1971 for ‘The Pierre Berton Show’. Please find full interview below. Shannon Lee’s book, ‘Be Water, My Friend: The True Teachings of Bruce Lee’, published by Flatiron, is available now via Amazon. Follow the official Bruce Lee social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. All images on this page from Twitter @BruceLee.

Bruce Lee would have turned 80 on 27 November 2020. Image via Twitter @brucelee.

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