English Dogs in Bangkok (2020)

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English Dogs in Bangkok (2020)

Obnoxious, low-budget indie thuggery from the UK which revels in its own vulgarity. This hooligans-abroad chore is chauvinistic, outdated twaddle aiming for old-school Guy Ritchie only without any of the wit, charm or intelligence. The story centres around low-level British criminal, Byron (Byron Gibson), who interrupts his seedy visit to Thailand as a sex tourist to buddy-up with hunky kickboxer Dutch (Ron Smoorenburg) to take over the local steroid trade. When Dutch ends up in the slammer, Byron has to run some errands back home in London to free his buddy. Not only is the film filled with repugnant characters who are positioned as antiheroes – despite mostly being xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic scumbags – the film also has the audacity to be very badly made, with poor colour grading and clarity of sound, chaotic editing, and footage which appears to have been captured on a mobile phone without using a tripod. Smoorenburg (most famous for being berated by Jackie Chan in the Who Am I? outtakes) gets to strut his stuff in a neat alleyway brawl with fellow martial artist Mark Stas, but, my god, there’s a lot of bilge to sift through before you get to that.

AKA: English Dogs.

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