KFMG Podcast S07 Episode 98: Best of Directors

Posted in Podcasts by - May 20, 2024
KFMG Podcast S07 Episode 98: Best of Directors

With financing and shooting schedules shrinking, how hard is it to make a decent action movie on a low budget? How can you make your lead actor look like an action hero if they refuse to train? And is there scope in the martial arts genre for tackling more challenging topics, like homophobia and racism?

In Best of Directors Рone of three compilation shows available now РI share some of my favourite conversations with directors who have appeared on the podcast since its inception in 2016. This includes: Hollywood stunt legend J.J. Perry, who made his directorial debut in 2022 with the vampire action comedy, Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx; the actor and filmmaker Diana Lee Inosanto, best known for playing Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth in The Mandalorian and Ahsoka, who discusses her 2008 martial arts indie, The Sensei; Jesse V. Johnson, known for his work with UK action star Scott Adkins in films including Triple Threat, Accident Man, and Avengement; Gareth Evans, visionary director of The Raid series; and Isaac Florentine, responsible for some of the best martial arts movies of the 2000s, including the Undisputed films and Ninja series.

If you enjoyed this ‘best of’ compilation episode, then remember to check out Best of Stunts and Best of Actors, which have also dropped simultaneously with this episode. Listen to the full conversations with all my guests who have appeared on this show over the last eight years via the website, kungfumovieguide.com, and everywhere you get podcasts.

Photo with Gareth Evans taken after our podcast recording in a studio in London, 2020.

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