Accident Man (2018)

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Accident Man (2018)

Scott Adkins‘ dream project – his first as producer, co-writer and star, based on a British comic-strip – is a seething, potty-mouthed, unapologetic action comedy. The film’s barbed political incorrectness champions a loutish and somewhat dated male attitude, and makes attempts to sympathise with a materialistic misogynist. Mike Fallon is an against-type role for Adkins, who is normally a lot more charming than this. Its dark humour is very much in keeping with the original anarchic comic-strip from the 1990s, focusing on Fallon’s exploits as a high-class hitman who makes all of his kills look like accidents. When his pregnant eco-warrior ex-girlfriend is off’ed, Fallon becomes suspicious of his own crew of pub-dwelling cartoon super-killers – who each have fun nicknames like ‘Poison Pete’, ‘Carnage Cliff’ and ‘Big Ray’, which makes them sound more like TV wrestlers than cold-blooded psychopaths – and his investigations soon cause the network of assassins to unravel. If the film’s verbal attacks don’t always land, thankfully the film’s physical attacks are more compelling. Adkins recruits¬†Eliminators and Boyka: Undisputed fight choreographer Tim Man¬†to choreograph the exhausting, excellent fight sequences, and some of the best in the business turn-out for Scott’s pet project. Highlights include an extended two-on-one duel with Michael Jai White and Ray Park, and a sword-slicing smash-up with Lady Bloodfight‘s Amy Johnston. This won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but for Adkins, its a brave, bold and risky endeavour, and refreshing to see the martial arts star stretch himself with challenging material.

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