Eliminators (2016)

Posted in Reviews by - February 20, 2017
Eliminators (2016)

Pacy British thriller in which Scott Adkins plays an American single dad whose house gets raided by drug thugs who get the wrong address. With his young daughter in danger, Adkins reveals his secret service skills and swiftly takes out the criminals, leaving blood and brains on the walls. The plot slowly unravels to reveal Adkins’ FBI past and his links to a known arms dealer called Cooper (James Cosmo), who sends a Terminator-like assassin (WWE star Stu Bennett) to deal with him. Adkins’ two run-ins with BennettĀ are both meaty encounters, with the former wrestler administering all manner of take-downs against Adkins’ trademark jumping kicks. Director James Nunn does well to use known London landmarks as his stage, chasing via black cab drivers to punch-ups on the North Greenwich cable car to sequences filmed in the Docklands area. There is nothing particularly original in the cat and mouse premise, but Adkins is a dependable action hero, and Tim Man‘s fight choreography is sublime as usual.

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