KFMG Podcast S07 Episode 84: Robert Samuels

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KFMG Podcast S07 Episode 84: Robert Samuels

“It’s a young man’s game, and it’s my job to usher in a new generation of talent. I think that’s where I can give back most.”

It was a screening of 1972’s Five Fingers of Death (aka King Boxer) that would transform the life of Robert “Bobby” Samuels. At that time, he could not have foreseen that he would go on to become the first African American member of the Hong Kong Stuntman Association, a star of martial arts action cinema, a Hung Gar expert training under kung fu master and actor, Chiu Chi-ling, and a close personal friend of Sammo Hung – one of the biggest names in kung fu movies. Bobby’s story is one of dogged determination and commitment to a singular vision; to break free from his humble beginnings in West Philadelphia, USA, and launch himself onto the silver screen in Hong Kong. All roads lead to a fateful meeting with Sammo Hung in the early 1990s, and prominent roles in his films The Gambling Ghost (1991) and Don’t Give a Damn (1995) followed. The two developed a close personal friendship, one that continues to this day. On this episode, we discuss Bobby’s experiences of living with Sammo and his family, collaborating on his films, and working with the best in the business at the height of their powers – people like Yuen Biao, Lam Ching-ying, Yuen Woo-ping, Collin Chou, and many more. Since returning to the USA, Bobby can increasingly be found behind the camera as a director and producer, helping to inspire and promote the next generation of action stars. In 2021, he made his feature film directorial debut with the action comedy, Made in Chinatown, starring members of the cast of The Sopranos, and co-directing with the Hollywood stunt legend, James Lew. The film is available now to rent and buy on digital platforms. Follow Robert Samuels on Instagram.

Robert Samuels and Chiu Chi-ling

Robert Samuels and Sammo Hung.

Robert Samuels and Jackie Chan.

Robert Samuels and Lam Ching-ying.

From left: Members of the Sammo Hung Stunt Team – Ian Godenzi, Collin Chou, Robert Samuels, Sammo Hung, Chin Kar-lok and Chin Siu-ho.

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  • Richard Burgos

    When will lower class martial artist be interviewed? Mr. Samuels is a good friend of mine. But when are other hidden class be ever interviewed. Give us from the small screen some love. It might increase your viewer quality and get a bigger fan base.

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