KFMG Podcast S07 Episode 96: End of Year Show 2023 with Mike Fury – Part One

Posted in Podcasts by - December 18, 2023
KFMG Podcast S07 Episode 96: End of Year Show 2023 with Mike Fury – Part One

Ho ho ho and happy Christmas to all the Fu followers around the world! Welcome to Part One of our annual End of Year Show, featuring the author of Life of Action Vol. 1 and 2, Mike Fury.

In ‘Part One’, we discuss the martial arts movie news that has been grabbing the headlines in 2023 – from Donnie Yen and Jackie Chan‘s many new projects, to Michelle Yeoh‘s success at the Oscars and the 50th anniversary of Bruce Lee‘s death – and remember the famous people we lost this year. We also play clips from some of the many great guests who have appeared on the podcast in 2023, including action stars Marko Zaror and Vincent Lyn, kung fu movie expert Ric Meyers and stunt performer Alyma Dorsey. And, because it’s Christmas time, we also unwrap some martial arts movie themed presents, and play messages from many of our friends on the action movie scene.

A huge thank you to the following people for taking part in this episode: Frank Djeng, Janell-Vela Smith, Jesse V. Johnson, Joey Ansah, JuJu Chan Szeto, Kenji Tanigaki, Loren Avedon, Mark Strange, Marko Zaror, Matt Routledge, Matthias Hues, Max Huang, Mike Leeder, Philip Ng, Richard Norton, Ricky Baker, Samm Deighan, Sarah Chang, and Soo Cole. Thank you to all the Fu followers around the world for all your support in 2023.

‘Part Two’ lands on Christmas Eve, 24 December

In Part Two of our End of Year Show 2023, Mike and I discuss our personal top five favourite fight-centric actions films of the year, as well as discussing our least favourite. We also look ahead to the projects we are most looking forward to in 2024. Look at our not-very-comprehensive list of fight movies from 2023 below.

2023 ‘fight-centric’ action films: 1%er; 100 Yards; AKA; Assassin Club; Baby Assassins 2 Babies; Bad Blood; Bad City; Ballerina; Black Lotus; Brave Citizen; Combativo; Enter the Clones of Bruce Lee; The Equaliser 3; Expend4bles; Extraction 2; Fear the Night; Fight Against Evil 2; The Fist of the Condor; Furies; Ganapath; Ghosted; Heart of Stone; Hidden Strike; The Invisible Fight; Jawan; John Wick: Chapter 4; Johnny Z; Jung_E; Kill Boksoon; King of Killers; Kitty the Killer; Knights of the Zodiac; Kung Fu Lion; Legend of Gatotkaca; Lion Girl; Maaveeran; The Mob; The Monkey King; The Mother; Night of the Assassin (aka The Assassin); Outlaw Johnny Black; Pathaan; Polite Society; Renfield; Ride On; Sakra; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem; Walid; Wherever You Go.

Mike and Ben showing off their Christmas gifts for 2023.

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