The Killer Meteors (1976)

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The Killer Meteors (1976)

Top-knot hairstyles and colourful costumes adorn this period chopsocky, a hopelessly convoluted Lo Wei picture that finds Wang Yu as the indestructible Killer Meteor who waves around a secret, all-powerful weapon. He keeps it strapped to his back and staunchly under wraps, despite the fact it looks alarmingly similar to a long stick. A young Jackie Chan is poisoned by his domineering wife, and Wang Yu is the only one capable of retrieving the antidote. In typical Lo Wei fashion, thousands of two-bit caricatures mess up the narrative, and the lack of decent kung fu makes this one a struggle. Still, the special effects are quite funny.

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  • Marc Ferriere

    It’s 7 years too late, I know. But you are so offbase on this movie. It’s a Ku Lung (Gu Long) story – the greatest wuxia author/screenwriter. That’s why it’s got the crazy backstory and the overpowered characters with quirky talents. Many kung fu movie lovers just want Shaw Brothers formulaic stuff – whiny dudes, Chang Cheh homoeroticism, monotonous training, everything happening on a set, no one “gets the girl”. This movie is the opposite of that. The protagonist, played by Jimmy Wang Yu, in an invincible badass from the getgo – that’s the point. He gets laid, punks every attempt to get the better of him, and wastes everyone along the way. The effects and fighting are consistent with any old Jacky / Golden Harvest flick. Exterior shots by waterfalls and temples, wire fu, etc. But it is competent and is a true classic.

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