The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988)

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The Inspector Wears Skirts (1988)

A top squad of female commandos are ruthlessly trained by superior policewoman Sibelle Hu in true Hong Kong slapstick style. Awful comedy routines are the driving force behind what is essentially a HK version of Police Academy, only – if you can believe this – even more tedious. Cynthia Rothrock makes it into about a quarter of the film, playing Hu’s police chum sent from Europe to assist in the training programme, strutting her stuff in a tacked-on terrorism finale against Jeff Falcon for the want of something better to do. The minimal action sequences are great, but all too brief, despite the best efforts of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team. If you’re watching this one mostly on fast-forward (who can blame you), you will no doubt skip over the particularly strange musical number at a roller disco. Not all Hong Kong films are good.

AKA: The Inspector Wears a Skirt; Lady Enforcers; Top Squad.

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