The Fearless Hyena Part II (1980)

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The Fearless Hyena Part II (1980)

This was a last ditch attempt by Lo Wei to trade on the rising stardom of his former contract player Jackie Chan, who had absconded to Golden Harvest when this¬†hodgepodge was put together.¬†It’s a horrible cash-in that mixes original scenes of Chan with that of a double (much like Ng See-yuen’s ‘new Bruce Lee‘ film Game of Death II), creating a strange sequel that bears scant resemblance to its predecessor (again, like Game of Death II). Some actors return – Yen Shi-kwan appears to have come back from the dead – with a story concerning the Heaven and Earth fighters who are determined to wipe out all rivals, which inevitably includes Jackie’s father, and so he seeks revenge. It’s all pretty bad and rather a wasted exercise.

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