The Accidental Spy (2001)

Posted in Reviews by - May 31, 2012
The Accidental Spy (2001)

A strangely forgettable Jackie Chan romp, one of his overseas cash-in varieties that is poorly dubbed and has him playing a character called ‘Jackie’. This one is particularly misguided – more First Strike than Mr. Nice Guy – only not half as enjoyable. Chan starts off as a suited businessman working in Hong Kong, and ends up embroiled in some convoluted slapdashery involving the US government who are trying to crack an opium racket between Korea and Turkey. A succession of gun fights, explosions, kung fu and car chases make up the rest – brilliant eye candy, but with a total lack of direction. It’s still impossible to totally slate something with Jackie Chan’s name on it, although this is particularly poor, with a cheeky naked chase through Istanbul’s street markets and a substantial stunt-filled finale the only things to really look out for.

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