Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

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Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

A cat and mouse tale set in Melbourne involving Jackie Chan as a celebrity TV chef who finds himself the target of top international drug smugglers looking for an incriminating videotape detailing their dirty work. When Jackie assists the fleeing journalist who recorded the footage, the tapes are switched and all hell breaks loose. This commercial caper was the first time Sammo Hung had directed a Jackie Chan film since Dragons Forever in 1988, after which rumours spread of a falling out between the two kung fu stars. There is no sign of animosity here; Sammo even appears as an angry cyclist in a brief cameo appearance. But this still isn’t half the great movie it should be. The biggest disappointment is the anti-climactic finale in which a potentially exciting one-on-one with Australian crook Richard Norton is replaced by a long, destructive monster truck demolition of his house, which was added to the script at the last minute.

AKA: Mister Cool; A Nice Guy; No More Mr. Nice Guy; SuperChef

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