Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)

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Spiritual Kung Fu (1978)

A sacred manual for the Seven Fists is stolen from the legendary Shaolin Temple and the only style worthy enough to defeat it – the Five Fists – has long since vanished. Thankfully, a meteorite hits the temple unearthing the spirits of the Five Fists style, who teach their deadly animal kung fu to lazy student Jackie Chan so he can help when the Seven Fist thief strikes again. What makes this Lo Wei adventure so endearing is the shoddy special effects. With Star Wars released the previous year, Spiritual Kung Fu plainly outlines the poor quality of Hong Kong special effects when compared to those being produced in Hollywood (the meteorite is a sparkler on string), and the superimposed, flame-haired, hula skirt-wearing ghosts retain a camp charm despite their cheapness.

AKA: Karate Bomber; Karate Ghostbuster

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