Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow (1979)

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Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow (1979)

The title gives the game away here, a cash-in on the success of Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow which also steals heavily from another Jackie Chan helmer, Drunken Master. John Cheung is the young pretender, a poor bumpkin taught the Drunken Fist style by a top alcoholic master. Diligent and proficient, the young Cheung runs into trouble after beating on two rich kids who hire lethal Snake Fist fighters (Wilson Tong and Charlie Chan) to take the boy down. Befriending a Monkey master, Cheung combines the Drunken and Monkey styles to take on his adversaries. Cheap and amateur with messy fight sequences, this is far from a masterpiece.

AKA: Snake Fist vs. the Dragon

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