Ring of Fire (1991)

Posted in Reviews by - December 24, 2013
Ring of Fire (1991)

Chinese and American kickboxers duke it out in an underground boxing ring. Softcore sex scenes split between the action. A drunken Eric Lee stumbles about on the floor, occasionally exploding into rapid fire kicks of pure excellence. And who is the gweilo fighter the Chinese are up against? Only Surrey’s finest Gary Daniels! He cockily demonstrates his flexibility before hospitalising his foe. Then cut to the doctor on duty – it’s Don “The Dragon” Wilson! He may be the best fighter out of all of them, but he’s concentrating on a medical career and a complicated love life which involves the gorgeous Maria Ford, playing the girlfriend of his American rival. So it’s Romeo and Juliet, basically, only with dodgy tracksuits, flashy spinning kicks and mullets. It’s breezy and watchable, despite clearly being cinema for idiots.

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