Odd Couple (1979)

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Odd Couple (1979)

Those expecting Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon larking about may be significantly surprised when this totally different masterpiece hits you, probably the best weapons movie ever made and featuring some of Sammo Hung‘s most technically intricate choreography. Its the story of two martial rivals; the King of Swords (Sammo) and the King of Spears (Lau Kar-wing, brother of Lau Kar-leung). They are both formidable fighters, but their ongoing feud (contested every ten years) has yet to determine a winner. A deal is struck: both ageing masters will teach their skills to one lucky star pupil each, who will in turn continue the rivalry when both of the Kings have kicked the bucket. In a genius piece of slapstick revelry, Sammo plays Lau’s student, and Lau plays Sammo’s student. This comedic turn aptly displays both their amazing versatility and skill as on-screen fighters. Leung Kar-yan adds an additional layer of conflict as a fighter seeking revenge on the old masters. The middle section features the always-irritating Dean Shek and is perhaps the only blip in an otherwise solid kung fu comedy classic, one which is too often overlooked.

AKA: Eternal Conflict; The Odd CoupleShaolin Sabre vs Wu Tang Spear.

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