Master with Cracked Fingers (1974)

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Master with Cracked Fingers (1974)

You wouldn’t inflict this on your worst enemy; a disjointed, tedious affair which has fallen foul of unscrupulous producers and misleading marketing. This was Jackie Chan’s first starring role way back in 1974, playing an orphan seeking revenge for the death of his father. The film performed badly upon its release and was hastily shelved. Fast forward to 1978 and, thanks to Drunken Master, Jackie Chan is now a global kung fu star. This rubbish film was rediscovered and re-edited into a promising new title, with the original film interwoven with excerpts from Drunken Master and footage of a double (often blindfolded) interacting with actors Simon Yuen and Dean Shek. The result is now much worse – something that should have been forgotten a long time ago.

AKA: Cub Tiger from Kwan Tung; Little Tiger from Canton; Snake Fist Fighter; Stranger in Hong Kong; Ten Fingers of Death.

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