Cold Harvest (1999)

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Cold Harvest (1999)

Sci-fi yarn starring Gary Daniels as a gunslinger in a dystopian, Mad Max-style future in which a virus has turned the human race into lawless scavengers. Daniels is notorious bounty hunter Roland Cheney protecting the pregnant widow of his twin brother, whose unborn child holds a resistant gene to the plague, making her the target of Little Ray (Genesse) and his marauding gang of bikers. The film is shot in constant darkness and confined to a number of repeated locations at Nu Image’s South African studio, which gives this straight-to-video film a particularly stagey quality. The apocalyptic premise is very familiar in terms of 90s B-movies, but director Isaac Florentine brings his customary gusto to the fight sequences in which Daniels obviously flourishes, with a bullet-ridden finale lifting almost entirely from John Woo. And the scene in which Daniels watches Barbara Crampton wash her arms while he polishes his gun is a perfect slice on unintentional hilarity.

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