Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth (1976)

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Bruce Lee: The Man, the Myth (1976)

Picking up the story from when Bruce Lee departs for the United States and ending on his untimely death, this highly fictionalised biopic sees Ng See-yuen exploit the Lee-legend tenfold by replacing facts with mad sensationalism. Lee fans will be notably shocked as Bruce is shown beating up pretty much everyone he meets. Those who disagree with his theories on kung fu get a thump on the head; there are scuffles with syndicate men and even brawls on the sets of The Big Boss and Enter the Dragon (the latter one being a half-truth). Yet the most bizarre sections (apart from the completely random appearances from a Linda Lee lookalike) are the training scenes depicting Lee’s highly technical electronic workouts which resemble a control panel on board the Starship Enterprise. It’s all just so silly. At least Ho Chung-tao (“Bruce Li”) does well in the central role, trying his best in a rather undignified situation.

AKA: Behind Bruce Lee; Bruce Lee: The True Story; The Dragon Lives.

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