White Tiger (1996)

Posted in Reviews by - December 24, 2013
White Tiger (1996)

White Tiger smells of B movie cheese, and a strong one at that, but for the most part it is good natured and spirited fun. Plucky British beefcake Gary Daniels plays a US Special Forces agent whose trusted partner is killed by sinister stereotype Tagawa – a snarling drug dealer hunted by both American and Chinese syndicates. Daniels’ quest for revenge leads him into close contact with corrupt officials and a sexy Chinatown mistress whose motives are unclear. Not that any of this matters, as most of the film is spent watching our deadpan lead kick people in the head and blow things up – all decidedly violent and exciting. The only major flaw is Martin’s inclination to make the film overly stylised with too much slow motion and segments lifted from better Hong Kong movies.

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