Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Essentially a repeat of the first film substituting a battleship for a train, for the most part this routine thriller barrels along agreeably, albeit forever chasing the coattails of its predecessor. A sleeper train running through the USA is hijacked by a band of mercenaries and a psychotic sacked ex-military boffin who masterminds an outlandish scheme to take his revenge on the world. He takes control of a top-secret photon beam laser weapon in space and aims it at Washington, D.C., turning the train into his own private war room and holding all the passengers hostage. Unfortunately for him, ex-Navy SEAL – and chef – Casey Rybeck (Seagal) is on board, working on his memoirs, apparently, and escorting his estranged and orphaned niece back to Los Angeles. When the mercenaries realise Casey’s one of the passengers, they know they’re in serious trouble. “He’s the best there is,” says one of them, as Rybeck makes his own bombs and starts picking off the bad guys.¬†Seagal‘s smirking and complete¬†lack of urgency is at odds with director Murphy’s attempts to build on his ‘action man’ persona, which makes the scenes in which he is required to dodge explosions or hang from the undercarriage of a moving helicopter even more hilarious. An enjoyable if utterly moronic ride.

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  • Utterly moronic is just how my brother likes it which is why as a child, I was forced to watch every single film Steven Seagel was ever in and this is most likely why I hate men who wear jewelery and have a ponytail to this day. But this is a great movie ha ha

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