The Tattoo Connection (1978)

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The Tattoo Connection (1978)

Considered a sore spot on the respective careers of all involved (Jim Kelly was simply wasted after Enter the Dragon and you will find it hard to fathom how the director of Eagle’s Claw could stoop this low), The Tattoo Connection is a Z grade exploitation quickie armed with the IQ of a walnut. Funk music accompanies a nonsense script, loads of kung fu action and a host of naked breasts. That’s a strong cocktail for any film fan, but at least it’s hugely comic for irony’s sake. Kelly is sent from the States to investigate a diamond racket on the streets of Hong Kong, only to find flash bastard Chan Sing pimping hos and Dorian Tan kicking people in the head. Chen’s entourage consists of a gang of familiar Chinese players (even Bolo’s in there) which certainly makes the film watchable, and the kung fu isn’t bad. The brief scuffle between Kelly and Tan is probably the best of the bunch. You could argue this is a fine example of the East meets West culture clash highlighting society’s ills whilst tackling some uncompromising truths without flinching or thinking. But then it might also just be a cheap and hideous turd of a film. You decide.

AKA: Black Belt Jones 2

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