The Red Wolf (1995)

Posted in Reviews by - November 26, 2022
The Red Wolf (1995)

Yuen Woo-ping‘s take on Under Siege (itself a riff on Die Hard). What this lacks in Seagal’s ponytail and culinary skills it more than makes up for in typically crazy Hong Kong action. There’s some really memorable moments; like at the end when dynamite is strapped to a little girl who is suspended in the air while a demonic Collin Chou wearing a sailor outfit plays the drums. Taiwanese TV star and singer Kenny Ho plays a security guard on board a cruise ship taken over by terrorists – played by Collin Chou and his femme fatale girlfriend, Elaine Lui – who are there to steal the ship’s cargo of plutonium. Kenny kicks his way through the terrorists, buddying up with zany Christy Chung, who provides a steady stream of downright silliness. The film jumps from Chung donning a blonde wig to perform a rendition of Madonna’s Like a Virgin, to scenes of Elaine Lui mercilessly gunning down the passengers. Both Chung and Lui steal the film with very strong performances. This might not be an essential watch – it’s certainly not up there with the best of what Woo-ping has provided in such an illustrious career – but it’s also hard to dislike a movie so unashamedly crowd-pleasing.

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