The Avenging Fist (2001)

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The Avenging Fist (2001)

Hong Kong’s first fully-fledged CGI movie, containing human performances (although they are not particularly necessary) in what is perhaps the closest thing that cinema has come to recreating the style of computer games like Tekken and Virtual Fighter. If you like those games, and you like the movies Blade Runner, Street Fighter and The Matrix, this glossy futuristic fantasy is your sort of thing. If you’re cynical of CGI overload and enhanced performances, or the fact that young singers Stephen Fung and Alex Wang take precedence over legends like Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung, then maybe leave this one well alone.

The story acts as a platform for the digital effects, with Nova (Wang) searching for a brainwashed father (Biao), controlled by underground psycho-baron Combat 21 (Cheung), who is seeking the possession of Nova’s sacred family secret: the Power Glove, a powerful telekinetic glove that seems to do just about anything, utilised mainly for lifting things and throwing people about.

A star-studded cast make up the rest: a young lover (Leung), a cop with a point to prove (Sammo), a few good mates (Lok and Fung), the rest of Nova’s family (Kristy and Cecilia), and a comical touch from Ekin Cheng who plays Sammo as a young man (!). It is over the top and some parts (the Cantopop bits) are indigestible, but as fun nonsense it sits quite happily.

AKA: Fight Zone; God of Fist Style; Legend of Tekken

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