The Asian Connection (2016)

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The Asian Connection (2016)

Generic DTV riff on True Romance starring John Edward Lee as a loveable crook in Cambodia who is forced to undergo a series of bank heists at the behest of the great Thai actor, Sahajak Boonthanakit, who plays a crook doing the dirty on his own boss, played by Steven Seagal. By placing Boonthanakit as the traitor, the conceit allows Seagal to play an evil scumbag without actually having to face any of the consequences. There are mad attempts to draw out his character’s more sensitive side; he is shown sensitively teaching tai chi to very young girls in his decadent baddy palace, juxtaposed with scenes of him knifing rival gangsters, mowing people down with a machine gun and, in one hilarious sequence, knocking out two MMA fighters with a single punch. His look is also a bundle of contradictions; a traditional kung fu suit with a gold medallion, tinted sunglasses and died black beard. He looks like Pablo Escobar after a trip to the Shaolin temple. It’s not even clear as to how Seagal’s character has accumulated such wealth, but this isn’t really a film which seems overly concerned with details. Also, don’t be fooled by the DVD cover; Michael Jai White appears in one short dialogue scene as an arms dealer. However, if you want to see Seagal in one of his more quirkier roles, this is the one.

AKA: Asia Connection; Asian ConnectionThe Mexican Connection.

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