Terminator Woman (1993)

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Terminator Woman (1993)

An awesome title, but this has nothing to do with the Terminator franchise. It’s a valiant directorial debut from Michel Qissi (Tong Po in Kickboxer), who provides a decent showcase for real-life martial artists Jerry Trimble and Karen Sheperd despite budget limitations. They play tough karate cops Jay Handlin and Julie A. Parish (“the A is for attitude”), who are stationed in South Africa to investigate a drug baron called Gatelee (Qissi), and appear to be in the midst of a lovers’ tiff which is only tangentially explored. They are rarely in the same scenes together. As Jay starts to infiltrate the drug baron’s cartel, Julie becomes the subject of a kidnapping subplot orchestrated by the scheming femme fatale Myra (Hayden), who is seemingly involved in the skin trade and pulls a fast one over Gatelee by plotting to steal a stash of gold. This leaves Julie and another damsel-in-distress to fight their way out of the African jungle in a refreshing assault of ‘girl power’, even if Sheperd does appear to spend the entire film dressed as a belly dancer. She’s great in it, though, and so is Trimble, whose kicks you could happily watch all day.

AKA: BacklashDouble Target; Eliminator Woman; Kickboxer TerminatorThunderclap.

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