Sudden Death (1995)

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Sudden Death (1995)

Timecop director Peter Hyams tackles a second big budget Van Damme vehicle with a similarly light touch, setting Die Hard at an ice hockey stadium and putting the action star through his paces as an indestructible firefighter. A secret service nut-job (Boothe, channeling Alan Rickman) and his team of terrorists hijack the Stanley Cup final, strapping bombs to the building and holding the Vice President and his entourage hostage. Van Damme’s a divorced fire warden with tickets to the big game, taking his kids along only for his daughter to be nabbed by the crooks. Van Damme goes rogue and before too long he’s diffusing bombs and manufacturing crude homemade weapons with stuff he finds lying about the place. There are quite a few really silly moments (particularly at the end when the film loses its mind), but by far the silliest moment is the fight with a giant penguin mascot.

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