Timecop (1994)

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Timecop (1994)

Van Damme‘s highest grossing film is undoubtedly a career high water mark. His limited acting range may not do justice to the clever story, but this is still a gripping actioner with enough of a convincing emotional core to gloss over the time traveling silliness. A brilliantly sardonic Ron Silver plays a repugnant Senator on the warpath to the White House, utilising a prototype time machine to manipulate the past and earn his future fortunes. Van Damme plays the government-sanctioned timecop on his tail, tortured by the explosive death of his pregnant wife and a fierce head of hair. “The only way to achieve anything with all that fancy kicking is on Broadway,” accuses Silver as Van Damme flies back and forth in his rocket-powered time machine, laying waste with kicks and splits – and not always with his clothes on. His moves are sharp and the popcorn story twists and turns in an entertaining manner, as long as you can overlook the self-driving cars.

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