Rosa (1986)

Posted in Reviews by - March 15, 2015
Rosa (1986)

One of those dodgy 80s slapstick comedies from Hong Kong which plays more like a series of farcical sketches than a coherent narrative. The film boasts an early script by Wong Kar-wai, but this is about as far removed from the auteur’s oeuvre as you could imagine. Bumbling CID buddies Yuen Biao and Lowell Lo start double-dating Kara Hui and Luk Siu-fan, who plays a former gangster’s moll called Rosa with connections to high-powered jewel thieves James Tien, Dick Wei and Chung Fat. Producer Sammo Hung lends out his best people for the action scenes and, true to form, the film’s finale is deliriously action-packed. Everything leading up to it, however, is lightweight and instantly forgettable.

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