Replicant (2001)

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Replicant (2001)

Sci-fi nonsense involving a genetic replica of sadistic serial killer Van Damme, manufactured by a secret branch of the US government to combat terrorism (!) and used as an experiment to gain a valuable insight into the mind of a murderer. Reckless cop Rooker takes in the replicant, developing his human side while simultaneously investigating his other self – a killer who targets single mothers.

In a dual role as both the clone and the killer (a murderer known as The Torch), neither of the characters are particularly endearing, and the fact Van Damme is surrounded by equally inept actors doesn’t help. Ringo Lam, in his second collaboration with Van Damme, does occasionally succeed in building the right tension and atmosphere, especially when dealing with the darker aspects of the story. The fight scenes are also surprisingly well executed (the best being the final showdown in which both Van Dammes mimic each other’s movements). But the rest is simply perfunctory filmmaking.

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