Police Woman (1974)

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Police Woman (1974)

You’re on really dodgy ground with this quick piece of Hong Kong phooey. Dated, amateur and cheap, the story concerns a taxi driver (Charlie Chin) who is targeted by a gang of vicious hoods after he assists a dying lady in his cab. Before her death, she stashes away a wallet carrying vital clues to the identity of the criminal gang responsible and the bad guys want it back. The sister of the victim investigates and uses her kung fu to help the taxi driver save the day.

Apart from the novelty of Jackie Chan’s young presence as one of the gang leaders with an oversized mole stuck on his face, this dire film was probably best forgotten. Instead, since Chan’s rise to international stardom, the film has been given a fanciful rebirth with numerous titles and horribly misleading packaging.

AKA: Here Come Big Brother; The Heroine; Rumble in Hong Kong; Young Tiger

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