One Down, Two to Go (1982)

Posted in Reviews by - July 14, 2013
One Down, Two to Go (1982)

Another weary blaxploitation reunion released long after the sub-genre’s heyday, this stars a quartet of overweight and underpaid former action heroes who get to shoot their big guns one last time at a slimy group of honkies who rig a karate tournament. Black Belt Jones is shot in the process, leaving it to Black Gunn and That Man Bolt to investigate with Shaft popping in occasionally for coffee. Jim Kelly’s Bruce Lee chops are criminally underused so it is left to Williamson and Brown to run the show. At least the aging actors appear to be having fun reviving their stereotypes (the trio last assembled eight years previously for Three the Hard Way) which almost excuses a lot of the film’s more questionable elements.

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