High Voltage (1997)

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High Voltage (1997)

The team behind Power Rangers – director Isaac Florentine and stunt coordinator Koichi Sakamoto – take a run at a John Woo-style ‘heroic bloodshed’ flick, mixed with a post-Tarantino crime drama with overtones of spaghetti western, about a ragtag team of low-level crooks who end up way over their heads when they hit a bank owned by Vietnamese gangsters. Shannon Lee – daughter of Bruce – is particularly good as the gangsters’ moll who teams up with dashing ringleader Johnny (General Hospital‘s Antonio Sabato Jr.) to turn on her abusive crime-lord partner (played by the great character actor George Cheung) and take out his organisation. The Karate Kid‘s William Zabka is also thrown into the mix, playing one of Johnny’s old biker buddies who winds up turning traitor. Sakamoto’s excellent Alpha Stunts team do their twisting, crashing, high-kicking best in the fight scenes adding great energy, although there’s no ringer in the cast to really get the blood pumping.

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