Heatseeker (1995)

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Heatseeker (1995)

Another low-budget cyborg movie from director Albert Pyun. This one is set in 2019, when corporations use bioengineering to create a new range of super-humans. One particularly slimy CEO (Norbert Weissner) hosts a kickboxing tournament on his private island to show off his latest technology, which is implanted into Gary Daniels, who looks majestic in foppish blonde hair, shiny muscles and bright blue contact lenses. The tournament promises to be “bigger than the Super Bowl, World Cup and the Olympics”, but it actually looks like a cheaper version of Bloodsport. As a way of attracting the reigning world champion, Chance O’Brien (Keith Cooke) – a 100 per cent pure high-kicking human being – the organisers kidnap his fiancĂ© (Tina Cote). In his starring-role debut, Keith Cooke makes for a competent and handsome leading man with great moves – even pulling off a naked streak through the streets of Manila – although he never quite managed to capitalise on his acting potential. The concept of a cyborg kung fu tournament is an enticing one, but the limited budget means the film never quite convincingly delivers on its promise. Instead, the film’s real special effects are its array of lanky, hunky guys who flamboyantly kick each other in their underwear; one of whom is Chad Stahelski in an early action role. This was apparently made in 10 days, and it absolutely shows.

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