Hard Bastard (1981)

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Hard Bastard (1981)

One of Godfrey Ho’s bright, wacky and diverse South Korean indies for Asso Asia Films, this typically colourful head-kicker provides an impressive acting showcase for Hwang Jang-lee. He cuts a dashing figure as the grinning, impulsive and comedic foil at the centre of a band of traveling street performers, who live in a tent and are hassled by crooks for some reason. Hwang looks great in an immaculately fitted three piece suit despite being a homeless guy. The gags are broad and involve Hwang being hit over the head with a frying pan, but it’s refreshing to see him in such a different setting, while still maintaining his incredible head-kicking talents. The work by a British-based cockney dubbing team tends to cheapen a lot of Godfrey’s films, and this is no exception. But full marks to whoever came up with the UK release title: its probably the best kung fu movie title out there.

AKA: Hands of Lightning; Raging Rivals.

Image: Courtesy of Heinz Germany – HKMDB.

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