Gutshot Straight (2014)

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Gutshot Straight (2014)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star George Eads plays loveable rogue Jack, a down-and-out gambling loser type in Las Vegas who dreams of becoming a high-roller. He befriends slick, rich playboy Duffy (Stephen Lang) who offers him a large sum of money to sleep with his girlfriend (AnnaLynne McCord). It’s a weird request and the situation quickly escalates until Jack inadvertently finds himself in a fight for his life. Vinnie Jones does his usual menacing turn playing a henchman working for Steven Seagal in one of his mostly sitting-down roles. He gets to channel Brando in a Godfather-like performance as a criminal kingpin who seems to also own a kickboxing gym. It’s not entirely clear where he actually fits into the story, but he’s clearly quite good at playing scumbags, it seems, although he’s in about three scenes throughout the whole film. This is also more of a straight-up crime thriller than an action film, despite what you may have been sold through its marketing.

AKA: Gutshot.

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