Gorgeous (1999)

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Gorgeous (1999)

Still sailing from the phenomenal success of his first major American hit (Rush Hour), Jackie Chan’s return to Hong Kong is an instantly forgettable rom-com designed as a cash cow for a Chinese New Year audience. Shu Qi plays a naive Taiwanese beauty whose quest for true love takes her on a journey to Hong Kong in response to a message in a bottle. This leads her into the open arms of Chan (Jackie Chan), a millionaire businessman who has “never had many friends”. Chan’s stock market interests lead him into danger with his corporate friend Lo (a great turn from Emil Chow), and pretty soon the action starts to pick up. Given the 22-year age difference, the chemistry between the two leads is only occasionally believable. Luckily, we are treated to two exciting encounters between Jackie and the Australian martial artist, Brad Allan, who is hired by Lo to teach Chan a lesson. It is here when the film comes alive for a brief moment, bringing back shades of Jackie’s legendary clashes with Benny Urquidez. Despite how much fun the cast are having (Tony Leung camps it up as a beauty therapist), the comedy is hit and miss. This isn’t a classic, not by a long shot.

AKA: Glass Bottle; High Risk.


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