Exit Wounds (2001)

Posted in Reviews by - November 12, 2013
Exit Wounds (2001)

Routine action thriller which sees heavy duty Steven Seagal playing a reckless inner city street cop teaming up with rapper DMX. They lay down some whoop-ass on a bunch of crooked police dealing heroin through a T-shirt factory. Cinematographer Bartkowiak sticks to his principals and creates another Romeo Must Die-style extended rap video with similarly quick edits, slow motion and hip hop cast. Seagal looks out of his depth, and out of shape for that matter. Where the movie comes alive is during the fist fights, including a wire enhanced sword fight between Seagal and Michael Jai White which looks so out of context it is quite laughable. The extended banter between Anderson and Arnold during the final credits is perhaps the funniest moment.

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