Executioners (1993)

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Executioners (1993)

Barmy follow up to the successful The Heroic Trio made a year earlier, the three stunning leading ladies are back to business, showing their emotional sides as well as kicking space-age butt. Set several years after the first film, a nuclear explosion has separated our close-knit trio and brought chaos to public order. A deformed villain sporting a Wonder Woman mask is controlling the city’s clean water supply, rousing tensions between a weak and corrupt government and a hot-headed military force. The trio are quick to reunite, and pretty soon Chat, the ‘Thief Catcher’ (Cheung), Ching (Yeoh) and Wonder Woman (Mui) – brought out of retirement after being separated from her daughter – are on the prowl again, searching for cleaner waters to avert a major military coup. Typically insane and over the top, there is not much to distinguish this film from the first, so fans of the Heroic Trio’s super-enhanced antics shouldn’t be too disappointed.

AKA: The Heroic Trio 2: Executioners

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