China O’Brien (1990)

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China O’Brien (1990)

From the makers of Enter the Dragon (producers Fred Weintraub and Raymond Chow, and director Robert Clouse), one might be right to expect more from this B-movie, but the best is certainly made of a bad situation. Designed as a vehicle for its petite star Cynthia Rothrock (her first fully fledged US offering), the film is enthusiastically handled even if her acting is a little overstretched at times. Her lethal limbs kick up a storm as super-cop China O’Brien, who gives up her LAPD badge and returns to her hometown to find her Sheriff father dead, the Senator an asshole, and macho Australian boyfriend Richard Norton in need of attention. Bearded country types receive swift kickings from not only buddy partners Rothrock and Norton but also Native American third-wheel Keith Cooke, who does jumping high-kicks in slow-motion as a supporting character hellbent on revenge. A somewhat empty showcase for Rothrock‚Äôs talents, it nevertheless marked her entry into B-movie purgatory.

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