Charlie’s Angels (2000)

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Charlie’s Angels (2000)

The cult TV show from the 1970s is given an ironic, comedic twist by producer Drew Barrymore, attempting to draw in new audiences with a popular cast, abrasive soundtrack and outrageous, glossy action. The film is packed with Matrix-style kung fu scenes – orchestrated by Yuen Woo-ping‘s brother, Yuen Cheung-yan – featuring a central trio of femme fatales fighting in wire-assisted glory. Meet, then, Charlie’s high-kicking angels: there’s Natalie (Diaz), Dylan (Barrymore) and Alex (Liu). When they’re not in make-up or changing costumes, they’re secretly fighting crime. A sly villain with an entourage of cronies has stolen a voice duplication device in an attempt to kill Charlie, and the girls are on the case, relying equally on their muscle as well as their sex appeal. It’s a smart satire of the original concept, done in good humour and with genuine star power.

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