Bring Him Back Dead (2022)

Posted in Reviews by - December 29, 2022
Bring Him Back Dead (2022)

ClichĂ©-ridden DTV drudgery which starts as an almost carbon-copy remake of Reservoir Dogs before moving into Rambo territory. The first act sees a bunch of criminals decamp at a cabin in the woods after a botched bank heist, with one of the group bleeding out, coupled with lots of shouting, swearing, and overacting. The ‘one man army’ second act is actually a lot more sure-footed, with Gary Daniels going rogue and heading into the forest on horseback after drugging the crew and stealing the stash. At almost 60, Daniels can still kick people in the head with great style, even if it is to increasingly diminishing returns. Although it’s not in Louis Mandylor’s nature to phone-in a performance, he probably could’ve gotten away with it here. He channels a southern poacher-like gang leader assigned to corral the troops and head into the woods to kill the traitor in their midst. One of the Baldwins also appears in the type of cameo that exists purely as a marketing exercise. It’s safe to say that everyone can do better.

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