Black Mask (1996)

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Black Mask (1996)

The 701 Squad are a team of emotionless super killers equipped in the latest fashion accessories and martial mod cons. Their shady leader plans to use the assassins to wipe out every drug baron in Hong Kong, only to crown himself king of the pushers. That’s where Jet Li comes in. He’s an ex-701 member now living a quiet half-life as a librarian, befriending a workaholic policeman (Lau Ching-wan) and charming his co-workers (particularly young Karen Mok). He’s the only one capable of stopping the baddie, so Jet dons a superhero outfit (mask, hat and cloak) and sets about saving the world. This Jet Li vehicle gets its kicks from some highly innovative action scenes – less comic book in nature and sometimes quite violent – and the fighting is pretty much non-stop. The sci-fi elements bear the mark of scriptwriter Tsui Hark and the wild kung fu is clearly Yuen Woo-ping‘s territory – the best being a high kicking finale between Jet and Britain’s own Mike Lambert.

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