Angel of Fury (1993)

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Angel of Fury (1993)

A derelict action film made in Indonesia, this is a few sandwiches short of a picnic – a barely conceivable hodgepodge that even threatens to jeopardise the charms of its leading lady, who is also the movie’s only redeeming feature. Rothrock looks fetching in a line of skimpy frocks, administering pain in knee-high boots and an array of varying hairstyles. Billy Drago has a stupendous time as a Alan Rickman-esque floppy-haired crook who rapes our leading lady and slays her soccer playing hubby in a relentless, tedious pursuit of some priceless diamonds in Cynthia’s possession. The diamonds are safeguarded in order to ‘help the people’ (which equates to an orphaned kid on crutches), and while the audience ponders why the husband didn’t just donate the diamonds to the villagers in the first place, Rothrock is already busy exacting revenge in her own high-kicking way. A shameful exploit – a lot like the majority of Rothrock’s crappiest output.

AKA: Lady Dragon 2

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