A Dangerous Man (2009)

Posted in Reviews by - December 24, 2013
A Dangerous Man (2009)

Dangerous is certainly one word to describe Seagal‘s ex-Special Forces character in this mediocre slug fest. Another would be homicidal, or borderline psychotic. He’s released from the slammer after six years for a murder he didn’t commit, only to promptly commit several hundred actual murders in an increasingly gruesome manner. He crunches chopsticks into an adversary’s neck and impales a guy on a giant wood saw. He’s a man of few words and strange hair at the heart of a ridiculous plot involving a kidnapped Chinese accountant, the Russian mafia, bent cops in the Bellingham Police Department and a triad power struggle involving a stash of stolen money. None of this actually matters, because the whole thing resembles a noisy, intolerable mess from start to finish.

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