Undefeatable (1994)

Posted in Reviews by - May 20, 2012
Undefeatable (1994)

From the team behind Honor and Glory, this follow up isn’t quite as kitsch but still equally abysmal. Don Niam plays a sadistic mullet-wearing psycho killer who gauges out the eyes of his female victims, possibly because of some vague relationship breakdown with an overbearing mother, but more clearly connected to a runaway girlfriend. He completely flips out and leaves Eagle Claw marks on his victims. Miller plays the kung fu cop piecing it all together alongside Rothrock as a leather-clad street brawler who “could do better”. She teams up with the cops and straightens up after her sister gets whacked. The action scenes have an Asian influence (more in spirit than ability) and are well-conceived, if slightly routine. Cynthia’s acting is certainly improving, which is more than can be said about those around her. Discounting John Miller, of course, who deserves some kind of fan club. A ridiculous film, but strangely entertaining.

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