Honor and Glory (1993)

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Honor and Glory (1993)

Even by Rothrock’s standards, this is pretty bad, due in part to ham-fisted, incompetent directing from HK’s king of schlock, Godfrey Ho, who seemingly spends most of his budget on spandex and shoulder pads. The film’s saving grace – as with most of Rothrock’s films – is its unintentional hilarity. The film is quite embarrassing at times, making it a paramount guilty pleasure. The acting is so bad you can almost hear the strain (at times, lines are actually flunked) adding to the film’s car crash quality. Cynthia barely breaks a sweat as a chirpy FBI agent returning from Hong Kong to the US to rendezvous with her perm-wearing sister (Jason), who at times is almost believable as a kung fu expert and full time journalist. They both intend to snipe super crook Jason Slade (a show-stopping Miller), who runs his Dad’s bank and, for some reason, gets involved in a nuclear arms race, selling detonators to the Middle East. He’s pretty evil (just listen to the music when he’s on screen), and tough, too, with beefy muscles which he uses, mostly, to crush people who piss him off. Jeffreys, who plays Slade’s bodyguard, gets a sensible supporting role as a kick-ass kickboxer who sides with the femme fatales when Mr Nasty starts breaking heads. Shou (future Mortal Kombat star) also features as one of Cynthia’s kung fu colleagues. The action, though primitive by HK standards, is certainly along the right lines. But this is clearly made by amateurs, and all the better for it.

AKA: Angel the Kickboxer; Bloody Mary Killer

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