The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008)

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The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008)

Now that’s a pretty terrible title for a Van Damme film. He stalks this one with the resigned look of someone who has already made this movie a dozen times. He plays a despondent New Orleans cop who joins the New Mexico border patrol to take on the drug cartels, with a ball-busting sergeant and a pet rabbit for company. The main culprits are a disillusioned troop of army-trained US mercenaries who use their Afghan contacts to control the shipment of heroin into the country. They’re bomb nuts and have experience dealing with jihadists. Undisputed II director Isaac Florentine sparks life into the fight scenes with great attention to stunt work and flashy kicks, particularly from Scott Adkins, whose anticipated fight with Van Damme at the end is the only excitement in a rather tired final act.

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