Street Fighter (1994)

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Street Fighter (1994)

This bombed horribly when it came out, treading a similar path to other video game based flops like Super Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat. Big money backed a very poor script, something that Van Damme struggles with at the best of times, while the cartoon-like fight sequences and exaggerated caricatures make it feel more like a Power Rangers film than a decent sci-fi actioner. But enough of what could have been. Here is what we are actually dealing with: a trite story, really, as psychotic General Bison (Raul Julia, in his last film role) attempts to build his Bisonopolis with a twenty billion dollar ransom from a stash of kidnapped civilians. Van Damme plays ‘all-American’ Colonel Guile complete with crass camouflage gear, determined to rescue his best friend and kick Bison into touch. But Bison has a deadly trick up his sleeves, literally: an electromagnetic charge which releases a killer bolt of lightening direct from his fingertips. Chances are you may have lost patience with the film long before this point, but if not, you certainly will when Bison starts flying about the place. It is an embarassment shared not only with the viewer but for everyone involved in such a silly production.

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