Skylines (2020)

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Skylines (2020)

Another wonderful lesson in world-building from director-writer-producer Liam O’Donnell, whose¬†Skyline series of martial arts-monster-mash-ups seems to unexpectedly be going from strength-to-strength. Beyond Skyline was a bonkers delight, and this follow-up – focusing on the daughter of Frank Grillo’s character, only now grown-up as a futuristic badass played brilliantly by Lindsey Morgan – somehow manages to deliver both genuine pathos and subtle social commentary amid giant spaceships, spooky alien planets, weird creatures who know kung fu and a whole heap of gung-ho balls-to-the-wall action. It’s the film’s sense of fun which really resonates – clearly something O’Donnell distills on his sets, aptly displayed in the end-reel bloopers – and there is a knowing silliness to the carnage which is just so refreshing in an age of super-serious Star Wars spin-offs. Set in London 15 years after the alien invasion, the so-called ‘pilots’ are now dying from a strange virus which is causing them to attack humans, turning the tide on the relative peace which has existed between the two species. Rose (Morgan) is part-pilot with a wise-cracking brother assuming alien form who joins his sister as part of a reconnaissance mission to locate a distant planet which could be the key to human survival. She is the Ripley in a ragtag crew of mercenaries who land on alien territory and quickly get acquainted with the locals – a new breed of specially adapted beasties – by kicking their asses. Within their group are great martial artists like Daniel Bernhardt and stunt coordinator Yoon Cha-lee (from the German fight collective, Reel Deal Action), who both step-up towards the end of the film when the action alternates between a bid for survival in outer space and a turf-war on the outskirts of London. It’s an absolute blast. More please.

AKA: Skylin3s.

Skylines is out now in select cinemas, drive-ins, on demand and digital courtesy of Vertical Entertainment.

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